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The term Allostatic Overload was coined by Syd (Mac) McLeod who in late 1983 realised that the health problems as suffered by War Veterans could not possibly be caused in isolation by psychiatric, chemical or radiation exposures. And the evidence was before everybody’s eyes. That was the beginning of a long journey of understanding by Mac that to this very day is only just starting to be understood by all the branches of medical science that this condition affects.

So this site is dedicated to the understanding of Allostatic Load and the complications that arise from overloading that state; hence Allostatic OVERload.

Before going any further it should be made quite clear this not a forum, it is intended that it be a platform for a bipartisan dissemination of papers submitted by professionals aimed at the Allostatic condition in itself not the myriad of results it is suspected of creating. In the hope those that make the research decisions can finally commit to tackle the problem at the CAUSE end rather then the resulting condition in which they specialise, because this affects ALL mankind not just veterans.

Although Mac due his broad personal experience could hardly be termed a layman, he is however a non professional. So there is a need for professionals in several related fields to vet what ever papers are submitted and these people volunteer their time in the interests of humanity because our little think tank is unfunded. Some of them have also committed to also provide papers for the site and it is hoped they will stick to the agenda rather then pay too much attention to their particular fields which deal with the impact of Allostatic Overload.

Mac with the able assistance of Del Heuke however will respond to other enquires by victims and interested lay people, when they can.

Put in simple terms it can now be said with some certainty from the research on animals, plants, insects and the findings on Telomere research on humans that Allostatic Load (AL) is the key part of the process of biological change. So as such must be considered part of the normal biological process which affects aging and the break down of the auto immune system. It then follows that it is a general problem for everybody, because they are more susceptible to disease and biological/psychological breakdown which needs to be addressed. Event stress adds to the AL while undesirable is managed via the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) Axis as a normal bio mechanics function.

Allostatic Overload (AO) on the other hand is a process where many stressors are unrelenting to such an extent that the HPA stops functioning as designed, which allows those processes that were designed for short bursts to become continuous and then start changing the biology at a much earlier point in time then was originally intended by the bio mechanics. And this can be verified by the state of our modern day soldiers who go from the healthiest of their respective nations to the sickest. And that is why they make the perfect research objects as they experience AO in its extreme.

What can be learned from them should create treatments that will benefit the entire planet.

The Challenge

Are you objective?

Do you have an open mind?

Can you think outside the box of your speciality?

Do you understand the effects on homeostasis of Allostatic Load?

You will need to if you are to come to terms with Allostatic Overload as it affects all aspects of the human body.

Have you ever thought that there might be areas of your study or speciality that might be influenced by Allostatic Load or Overload?

Have you realised that there was not as much attention paid to the criteria parameters of a human study that would guarantee a flawed or predetermined result.

Do you know how and who can have an AO problem, most people have no idea of the scale of the problem. It is extremely important in control groups and that is why many results are unclear or flawed outright.

If so send a paper and share it.

Together we hope to add to the increasing body of knowledge of the effects of long term stress (Allostatic overload) on human body systems in order to force meaningful research into the problem.

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